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Are you tired?

Have you been more tired than normal (parents with newborns shouldn't bother answering this question, lol)or short of breath, or getting palpitations.

If you're getting any of those symptoms, you may be deficient in iron.

What exactly is iron?

Its a mineral thats important for making the red blood cells that carry oxygen around the body

What foods are rich in iron?

Some of my personal faves; meat, beans, dark leafy greens like spinach, dried fruit like apricots, some breakfast cerals, wholegrains like brown rice, liver (ok liver is where i draw the line...not a fan).

What are the causes?

Pregnancy, blood loss of some kind such as ;heavy periods, bleeding from the tummy or intestines (because of things like piles, stomach ulcers, overuse of tablets like ibuprofen or in rare cases bowel cancer ).

We can be so good at putting down that tiredness to the new job or moving house...but best to go get checked if you if you have any of the symptoms previously mentioned?  

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