Event exploring perinatal mental health on 11th May 2019

So excited to be part of this event organised by @mumsandtea in collaboration with @ftcore.

I'm very passionate about mental health, so I'm honoured to be one of the guest speakers.

Come join us on the 11th of May!

REPOST FROM @mumsandtea instagram page:

Perinatal mental health awareness week this year is from 29th April - 3rd May and we will be honouring it with an event on the 11th May with some pretty awesome guest speakers (tagged above) at the amazing @ftcore yoga and wellness studio. ⠀ Perinatal mental health refers to a persons mental health issues around birth: Peri (around) natal (birth) and it’s a topic that I feel very strongly about, especially after experiencing the baby blues after having my son back in 2017. I blogged about what I went through and was shocked at how common it was.

Truth is we don’t speak about this enough... and you know one of my missions is to get us having conversations we don’t normally have to normalise things in our community. Let’s make over the image that motherhood is perfect and smiles all around and tell our truth!

Guest Speakers include:

Dr Olamide Savage-Little Steps

Gabrielle from Mummy Fitness Fun- Qualified Personal Trainer

Nicky from Baefitnic- Qualified Personal Trainer

Chloe Bast- Empowerment Coach and Domestic Abuse Survivor

Pricilla from She is UK-Mental Health Advocate

Angela Awuah from MH Hearts- Mental Health Advocate

For tickets, visit: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/mums-and-tea-x-for-the-core-mental-health-workshop-tickets-59906862037?aff=erelexpmlt

Check me out, I'm at the bottom far left...Mama I made it! There are so many awesome guest speakers at this event, join us!

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