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Launch Day

the 19th of January 2019 was an epic day (I mean Avengers and Game of Thrones kind of epic!). It was epic because we launched Little Steps on that day.

It was an intimate yet very interactive launch with our CEO and a group of parents.

It was a great reminder that good quality health education, on topical children/family health issues, delivered by a professional in the field is lacking.

There are so many people out there feel that if they just had the right information, they would have avoided that unnecessary 2am visit to A&E, or that long wait to see a GP, only to be told "you can get it over the counter at the pharmacy" (situations that result in lots of parents saying lots of words their children shouldn't repeat, lol)

We here at Little Steps are here to bridge that gap.

We are passionate about giving parents and caregivers that information, to help keep not only themselves but their families healthy, so watch this space for more upcoming events, where we will be doing just that.

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